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Girl's Last Tour (manga)

It was a really melancholic read from start to finish. Poor Chito and Yuuri... probably the last surviving little girls on the planet earth.

It was the end of humanity. Humanity had a very devistating war in the future which resulted with the end of humanity. Chito and Yuuri, our main characters on a journey on their kettenkrad model motor bike on a city on a post apocalyptic earth. They met with a man named Kanazawa and later on a woman on their journey and they were probably the last survivors of humanity in a gaint city which made out of stratas. Chito and Yuuri tried to go to the highest strata, it was their goal... what awaited them on the highest strata was an unknown until the very end.

This manga was more sophisticated than your average manga. It asked questions and made you think like what is life ? what is being alive ? what is war ? what is religion ? what is a God ? why do people aspire for anything ? like contructing things, developing techologies and creating art ? You got this questions as Chito and Yuuri questioned their existance as two little girls in this post apocalyptic world and they were very grateful for being alive in the end, no matter how hard and desperate the stuation that they faced. So the manga had a possitive message as well and that was it is great to be alive.
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