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Rules and Glossary of Common Statue Forum Terms


Please do not use actual names that are not yours as your handle. For example, Clint Eastwood, Randy Bowen, Queen Elizabeth III...


Signatures are currently disabled for the general members due to "abuse" but are included for Adamantium Members.

Avatars are still functioning, but please keep them clean.


Feel free to send suggestions via PM to any moderator.


- Try to create threads in their appropriate section of the forum, e.g. don't post about comic books in the Bowen section, etc. Threads will be moved into their proper section by a MOD if necessary.

- Threads or posts with a political or religious tone may not be posted in any section of this forum. Such threads or posts will be deleted without warning.

- Multiple threads on a subject may be modified/deleted by a MOD to try and keep the forum as clutter free as possible.

- Constructive criticism is always welcome, but outright bashing will be frowned upon. Threads or posts considered out of line by a MOD will be modified or deleted.

- Please do not curse or use obscene language for any reason.

- Threads, posts, avatars, signatures or other pictures deemed offensive by a MOD, for any reason, will be deleted.

- When quoting other members, their posts may be edited for length, but please do not change the wording/meaning of their post.

- Please do not post pictures of items which are known to be recasts, or in any way advertise a known recaster’s work.

- Please do not use this site to promote yourself or your own site unless it is approved by a mod or admin.

- THINK BEFORE YOU POST. If what you are typing is not something you would say to someone’s face, or is not something you would appreciate being said to you, don't post it.


- Continual rules violations, or any actions deemed inappropriate by forum representatives, may result in the suspension or permanent revocation of membership on this forum.

Suspensions of varying lengths will be imposed by a MOD if

- A member blatantly breaches posted or understood rules. This includes B/S/T violations, being argumentative, obscene language, vulgar postings, general disruptive behavior, ignoring the requests of a forum representative, spamming, etc. Newer members will be given the benefit of the doubt and contacted about first infractions.

- A member is seen by the MODS to be a detriment to the forum. This will result from a member making no positive contributions, other members complaining about the individual, or the member repeatedly questioning the MODS decisions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we welcome them, but if you are asked to stop doing/saying something, then stop. Plainly put, if you're not going to enjoy the site and are only going to be a bother to us, you're out (or, per CKinSD, "if you piss us off, you're out!").

- A member is believed to be participating in illegal/questionable activities, on OR off the forum (RECASTING/SELLING RECASTS especially). The forum does not wish to have any affiliation with individuals whom we believe to be involved in such activities.

- Please do not question, debate or discuss suspensions/bannings publicly. This includes anything from starting threads to using Avatars expressing your "disagreement" with our decision. Plainly put, it's our decision, not yours. We don't question how you raise your kids, do your job or manage your marriage. We expect the same courtesy. Any threads discussing suspensions/bannings will be deleted and members participating in any threads may be subject to suspension/banning.


- A Buy/Sell/Trade section is available for Adamantium Members. Click the link for info.

- We request that NO threads or posts be created for the express purpose of buying, selling or trading merchandise be it personal or business related. Any and all such threads or posts will be deleted without notice and repeated offenses may result in suspension/banning.

- Please do not advertise or solicit for a retail business (either physical locations or online stores). If you are a store or business and would like to advertise with us please contact us at this email.

- An exception to this rule would be creating a thread to announce an exclusive item or other non-wide release items being made available through a single distributor. For example, threads announcing a Bowen, Sideshow or other similar exclusive being available for sale are permitted.

- We ask that you avoid putting lists of items you want or are selling into your signatures. Signature may be modified/deleted by a moderator if it is deemed inappropriate. Repeated offenses may result in suspension/banning.

- We ask that you follow these rules without question or complaint. Contact any Moderator if you have any questions or concerns about the policies.


- The eBay Marketplace section is available to post links to eBay auctions. Any member may do so there to push their own, or other auctions you find on eBay worth discussing.

- Please do not list ebay acutions anywhere else on the site.

- Adamantium Members have their auctions automatically listed in the eBay Marketplace forum.

- You may enter your ebay username in the "Edit Profile" section of the Board's UserCp. If you do, an icon will show up under your name in any thread you make a post in. Clicking this link will take you to a Statue Forum page showing the most recent 25 items you have for sale. This will alert other members that you have auctions up for sale, and let them look it over.


- Sculptors, painters and collectors are invited to show their pieces in Sculptors Corner and Painters Corner. Please keep pics posted in licensed companies' sections to their products as far as possible, and refrain from posting commission sculpts in those sections. Due to licensing issues, we prefer that no blatent, explicit, obvious, any dumb fool could see what you're trying to do, open discussion of commissions take place on the forum. Anything else is all well and good.


- Please use common sense. I know this is a relative term, but think before doing something. If you have seen people get suspended/banned for something, don't go and do whatever they did. If you are unclear/unsure about something, ask a MOD. They will always be happy to assist you.


- This forum, while open to the public, is a privately owned entity and is run as such. By registering on and using this site, you acknowledge that any decisions made by the Administrators (ADMIN) or Moderators (MODS) on this board concerning threads, posts and membership rights are final.

- MODS are constantly discussing the guidelines we use for running the forum. But it must be made absolutely clear that it is not the place of the forum members to publicly question or challenge any decision. If there is a rule you don't understand, or a question you have (other than the reason for another member’s suspension) ask a MOD.
"I thought, 'What is this half horse-looking character?' By the end I said 'I get this and I like it.' My first instinct was that I was a bit unsure. He's the only one who can pick up the hammer. He's a worthy from another planet. But he looks like a horse."

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Dana P.
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Glossary of Common Statue Forum Terms


ARTIST PROOF (AP) – An unnumbered bust or statue that is usually held in reserve for replacements. They are initially unnumbered and used to replace returned/damaged statues. Any that are left over after replacements are issued are the AP's. A certain number of AP's of each statue are given to Marvel as part of the licensing agreement. NOTE: There are several definitions of Artist Proof and Manufacturer’s Proof. For the sake of simplicity I’m using this definition.

Build-A-FigureSee Build-A-Scene.

Build-A-Scene – A Diorama type of display wherein all of the pieces fit together to make a complete scene (usually a cover reproduction). Often, Build-A-Scenes include a bonus piece that requires you to collect all the pieces in the set in order to complete the bonus figure.

Comic Book Scene Cover Replica - A statue or diorama based on the original comic book cover artwork that reproduces the covers’ original details in 3-D.

Comiquette - A larger-than-usual sculpt (typically 1:4 or 1:5 scale) of a comic book character. From Sideshow Collectibles.

Diorama - A three-dimensional scene in which figures are arranged in a dramatic way (usually an action or battle scene).

Edition Size - the number of specific pieces that will be produced

Exclusive - A statue or bust that is only available via a particular source. Some Exclusives are available only at various conventions. These are usually labeled Convention Exclusives. Some Exclusives are available through memberships from different companies. For example, the Bowen Designs Collector’s Club (BDCC) offers Exclusives to their members. Some Exclusives are available at both conventions and through club memberships.

Factory Control Sample (FCS) – Production samples from the factory that are sent to the company for approval.

FS – Abbreviation for Full-Size Statue

Full-Size Statue - A full-figure sculpt of a character. Usually done in 1:6 or 1:8 Scale.

Life Size Bust - A bust that recreates a character’s head in 1:1 Scale.

Life Size Statue – A statue that recreates a character in 1:1 Scale.

Manufacturer’s Proof (MP) – Similar to Artist Proofs, MPs are extra unnumbered pieces manufactured and used for different purposes such as photography, replacements, etc.

Maquette – In regard to statue collecting, a Maquette is a small scale model/statue that usually serves animators/prop makers/illustrators by allowing them a full 360 degree/all angle point of reference. Maquettes are sometimes produced and offered via retail to collectors.

MB – Abbreviation for Mini-Bust

Medium Statue - A full-figure sculpt of a character usually measuring between 8” and 10” tall. Medium statues are often part of a larger group of statues or part of a Diorama.

Mini-Bust - A tremendously popular form of collectible created by renowned sculptor Randy Bowen. This type of sculpture usually measures between 5” and 7” tall and depicts a character’s head, shoulders, chest, and usually (but not always) the arms. The inclusion of the arms adds extra detail and dynamism to the sculpt, and serves to distinguish it from traditional “armless” busts. Resin is the usual material used for mini-busts.

Mini Statue - A full-figure sculpt of a character usually measuring between 5” and 7” tall. Mini-Statues are usually licensed, smaller/miniature reissues of previously released full-size statues.

Mint/Near Mint - The condition applied to a bust/statue. Mint/Near Mint indicates that the piece has no visible defects, has not been repaired, and that it has a great paint job.

Mint in Box - A Mint piece in its original packaging.

Mint in Mint Box - A Mint piece in its original unblemished packaging.

Mixed Media - A statue/figure made up of two or more artistic media, such as resin and cloth.

Pre-Paint – A bust/statue previewed before it has been painted.

Premium Format Figure (PF) - A 1/4 scale figure composed of mixed media. Sideshow Collectibles is noted for these highly detailed and highly popular figures.

Prototype – A finished painted piece used for reference.

Recast - A Recast is a counterfeit copy of a licensed original manufactured by someone other than the original company/sculptor that produced it.

Reissue - A Reissue is simply a second or later edition of an existing sculpt. It is an idea that is almost universally despised by collectors.

Resculpt - A brand new sculpt of a character who has already been offered as a bust or statue. For example, there have been a couple of Spider-Man Full-Size statue Resculpts from Bowen Designs. The first Spidey statue was Spidey on the tall brick edifice. The second Spidey statue (which is the first Spidey Resculpt) is Spidey standing on the Spidey icon base (two versions of this were offered: red/blue and black). The third Spidey statue (which is the second Spidey Resculpt) is the John Cleary version.

Resin - General term for polyresin, which is any petroleum based, two-part polyester resin (plastic). Resin/Polyresin is the substance most often used to make collectible statuary.
Polyresin - General term for any petroleum based, 2 part polyester resin (plastic).
Cold cast porcelain - Cold cast porcelain is a polyresin containing crushed porcelain powder, which provides the finished product with a porcelain "feel."
Cold cast resin - Another term for cold cast porcelain.
Scale: In statuary terms, Scale is a classification of size. Examples: 1:1 Scale – A piece of statuary that is produced in its actual size. For example, a 1:1 scale lightsaber is a reproduction lightsaber made to the exact dimensions of the actual prop. 1/2 Scale – A piece that is produced to one half actual size. 1/3 Scale – A piece that is produced to one third actual size. Most mini-busts and full-size statues are produced in scales ranging between 1/6th and 1/8th scale. 1:1 scale for a 6 foot (72 inch) character would be 72 inches tall; the same figure at 1:2 scale would be 36 inches tall; at 1:4 scale it would be 18 inches tall; at 1:6 scale it would be 12 inches tall, etc

Sneak/Sneak Peak – A preview picture(s) of a statue or bust in any stage (rough/unfinished/pre-painted/etc.)

Variants - Variants are existing sculpts that are tweaked so as to offer a new take on the same character. Variants can be broken up into more than one type: Repaint Variants and Tweaked Variants which have been tweaked with additional sculpting. Examples: Clear Iceman is a Repaint Variant of regular Iceman (although in this case instead of being repainted, Clear Iceman was cast in translucent resin). Gold Yellowjacket is a Repaint Variant of Regular Yellowjacket. One example of a Tweaked Variant is Mr. Fixit, which is a modified Bowen Designs Hulk Mini-Bust.

Work In Progress (Abbreviated WIP) - A statue or bust shown in a rough, incomplete stage, and/or unpainted stage. Forum Vernacular

Ass Clown - A clown who is also an ass.

B.A.D. - Bust All Defenders - Honorary membership for those who want to see the Defenders get made as busts and statues by Bowen Designs.

Banned – When a forum member is naughty, sometimes a time-out away from the forum is in order. Some Bans are temporary, while serious or repeated infractions may result in a Permanent Ban (PermaBan)

Bastich - A nice way of saying bastard.

BBT - Bowen Bust Treatment

BDCC - Bowen Designs Collector's Club

BFST - Bowen Full-Size Treatment

B.O.T.H. - Brothers of the Hammer

Bowen Noser – Someone who ALways goes on and on about Bowen Designs.

Company Abbreviations:
BD - Bowen Designs
DCD – DC Direct
DST – Diamond Select Toys
HH - Hard Hero
MR – Master Replicas
SS - Sideshow

LCS - Local Comic Store

Meh – An expression of disdain or disinterest toward a character/piece/etc.

MIB - Mint In Box

MIBWS - Mint in Box WITH Styrofoam

MIBWOS = Mint in Box WITHOUT Styrofoam

MIMB - Mint In Mint Box

Modscum - A term of endearment used by Statue Forum Members for their beloved Moderators.

Pass – A one-word post that indicates that the poster has no interest in a piece previewed or offered for sale.

Phase – The period of time for which Bowen’s contract with Marvel is in effect. As of this date (12/29/07), we’re nearing the end of Bowen Phase III. Phase IV will end March 2010.

R.O.A.R. - "rip open and read"

SDCC - San Diego Comic Con

T.T.I.S. - "thumb through in store”
"I thought, 'What is this half horse-looking character?' By the end I said 'I get this and I like it.' My first instinct was that I was a bit unsure. He's the only one who can pick up the hammer. He's a worthy from another planet. But he looks like a horse."
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