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Departure From Krypton

Hi William -

Reorganizing my hobby room after a recent basement flood provided me with a welcomed opportunity to re-examine my pieces and appreciate many all over again and if for the 1st time. The piece that I've really rediscovered in my own collection and am thrilled with all over again is your Departure From Krypton piece. Do you consider this (& the Arrival In Smallville piece) diorama(s) or straight up sculpts? I love the shattered fence-posts, by the way...great touch on Arrival.

Was the sculpting of Kal-El's rocket-ship difficult w/ the addition of the see-through window.

I haven't seen anything else like these from you and would appreciate, if you have the time, any reflections you might have on the pieces. They are just so old-school, pulp, science-fiction and remind me so much of the 30's in terms of style, I wanted to thank-you for creating them.

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