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Originally Posted by Primal View Post
When is the GL annual coming out by the way? Next month? Regarding Hal & Sinestro, there's a whole corps of GLs who can save the day. Doesnt always have to be the usual guys in the spotlight imo, especially with that new GL taking center stage in the Third Army pic. That pic is actually a combination of the New Guardians, GL, GLC & Red Lantern covers in October.
The annual comes out the last week in August and the cover has the GL symbol dripping blood. A ominous sign since again no Hal or Sinestro has been seen in any third army promo art or GL solicits. Plus this new GL with the mask BAZ as he is called is taking over the main GL book with issue # 0. I allready don't like where this is going it may be time to drop the GL books soon as well.
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Originally Posted by rychehitman View Post
Perhaps a spoiler tag might not be a bad thing....although I do know that we new reviewers are trying to avoid doing "issue recaps", we are trying to include art scans that might be spoilerific.

Glad for the feedback, thanks all!
I asked for Spoiler tags some years back but that didnt happen obviously but with regards to my review any spoilers were with regards to past issues. For the current issue I pretty much just mentioned events leading up to major moments but left it up to the reader to buy the issue if they want to know what comes next. Didnt have time to do the scans this time around but will try to include them for the next one.
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