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S-tier Adam
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Adam asks an expert - William Paquet

Hello, my name is Adam and I've been sculpting for 2 years. I am entirely self-taught, so there are many pitfalls I have run into that are now floating around in my brain. On a constant quest for self-improvement, I've decided to start asking a sculpting-related question to a different master sculptor every day.

Mr.Paquet, you are first! (I think you deserve a cookie for that). I chose you first because being self-taught, my #1 resource was Pop Sculpture. This book has been my Bible even though there is a lot of stuff not covered in depth. I don't know how many times I've dragged the thing to a hardware store because I needed some major help. No one ever knew what I was trying to do with that pressure paint tank... Anyway, I know you have given your two cents in some of the sections of the book, so I recognize your name and I know some of your work.

My question for you is actually "What is YOUR sculpting Bible?" I'm sure there are lots of other great resources out there. I was hoping you could recommend one that fills in some of the gaps in Pop Sculpture. I've gotten past all the major learning curves, so something more advanced would be great.

Thank you,
-S-tier Adam
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