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Fantastic Fox
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Determining value of older pieces (CS MOORE / Moore Creations)

I have a few older pieces like the original Magdalena with diorama and Fathom Aspen (jeans shorts) that I'm going to be selling, but am having a difficult time determining the value. Looking at ebay buy it now-prices feels misleading and I'm wondering how you guys do it? I'm not sure I'm comfortable auctioning them off with a low starting price as then I'm still left with coming up with a reserve price.

Is there a way of seeing the outcome of previous auctions?

Also I'm wondering if there is a for sale section here where I can transact with other members? I haven't been able to find one other than the feature of getting ebay auctions posted / linked to.

I appreciate it, thanks.
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Kindly Asked To Leave
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Yeah, you just click on the "Sold listings" checkbox on eBay's left sidebar. You can also see unsold items by clicking "Completed listings." Honestly, I've see a sellers trying to list Aphrodite IX and Fathom in the $300 range but have been unsuccessful, with the jean shorts version of the latter at least. I think the auction results depend more on timing than the actual price someone would be willing to pay, so I would try the B/S/T section here on the forum or Facebook groups.
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Sadly, older pieces are generally a tough sell these days. The industry has evolved so much and so quickly. Older pieces just do not have the same draw that they used to. Fortunately, Moore Creations were generally known for having stellar paint applications and awesome female sculpts. I would suggest taking some really good and flattering pics and a good dose of patience. Someone will eventually bite. The best way to get a sense of today's rates is to look up completed auctions on eBay.
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Omega Flight
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I agree with what has already been stated. I check the sold listings and kind of average out what I will ask for, but always list (auction style) the lowest I will take for the statue, that way if people end up bidding, or if only one person bids, I'm still getting what I hope for. If it's a popular, yet still older statue, I always list high, based on what I've seen them sell for. Unfortunately, these CS Moore statues just don't sell like they used to. The Fathom pieces, even back when I bought them, were selling for $200-300+, but not anymore unfortunately. As Risingstar pointed out, patience is key!

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Fantastic Fox
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Thanks, lots of great advice and I appreciate it. Will check ebays records and post here as well. I really want these fantastic pieces to end up in the right place and not sit in someone's basement in a box. If I can help it. Thanks guys!
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