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Secret Wars: Two Fantasy Questions for you!

Question 1: If the Secret Wars were written accurately, would the heroes have any chance in hell in winning this fight (discount Galactus since he's not a real villain and Magneto since he didn't really side with anyone, but I might be remembering that incorrectly )?

Hero LineUp (21)
Captain America; the second Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, Hawkeye the second Iron Man, Jim Rhodes, She-Hulk, Thor, the Wasp, Human Torch, Mister Fantastic and the Thing; the Hulk, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine and Lockheed the Dragon

Villain LineUp (12)
Absorbing Man, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, the Enchantress, Kang the Conqueror, Klaw, the Lizard, Molecule Man, Titania, Ultron, Volcana, and the Wrecking Crew.

Question 2: If you could rewrite the Secret Wars and put your own creative team on this limited series, who would you choose?
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lord odin
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First question no chance or at least very little.
Second question Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.
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Originally Posted by lord odin View Post
First question no chance or at least very little.
Second question Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.

I was thinking Johns and Finch, or Johns and Coipel.
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El Pulento
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hmmm I just got a wiiierd feeling that what if comics is the new remake thingy... Imagine classic comic happenings being remade by today's talent.... Cashing??..
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The heroes would have no chance in Hell of surviving; Thor and The Hulk would realize trying to protect the others (who couldn't protect themselves) would eventually prove futile, so they'd rent a hacienda and "take turns" with Amora....

.. and by "take turns", I of course mean taking turns at jumping rope.. two to hold the rope, one to jump... what did you think I meant?

Mark Millar/Steve McNiven.

Johns/Finch would be excellent, also.. agreed.

I'd actually enjoy writing it.. and Emanuela Lupacchino could illustrate it.
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Hmmmm... I'm not sure how inaccurate one could say it was written.
I suppose one could make the argument that Molecule man could simply decimate the entire planet and wipe out virtually everyone (based on his power) but it was accurate that he was portrayed as meek, emotionally unstable and trying to find a better part of himself... so he was written accurately. He was being a pacifist. Thats what his character was at the time.
All the other villains (even collectivelly) were not a realistic threat to a group that contained Thor, Hulk, the leadership of Captain America and Reed Richards intelligence. Let's not forget the one Avenger who is ALWAYS written inaccurately... Captain Marvel - who would literally wipe out everyone before anyone could complete a thought (speed of light ya know). Hence the reason she had to be unrealistically knocked unconscious before she could react. Otherwise, that would leave Absorbing Man and Ultron standing... and neither of them are defeating the Avengers/FF line-up assembled.
Just no.
The Ultron factor is a big one. Honestly, he was the deadliest villain present... and I think Jim Shooter in writing the book understood that he was a loose canon that would wipe out most of the villains before attacking the heroes - as we saw accurately, only Molecule Man and Absorbing man were safe.
For myself, reading that story back in the day had one true inaccuracy (maybe it was an error) that simply had to be rectified by issue two... Kang being killed by Dr. Doom. The inclusion of Kang was a goof and the way he was handled seemed like an even bigger error - A futuristic genius who has individually caused more problems for the Avengers than anyone else... discarded?
Or was it on purpose to show how ruthless Doom could be? Establish his threat level and then show his humanity when he finally attained omnipotence to resurrect Kang.
As the story progressed one could select any moment and say "Well that would never happen", but you could say that for any comicbook moment.

I still love Secret Wars. It may have been a 'PUSH" and ultimately predictable... but there has never been a more "fun" 12 issue experience I have ever read in comics. I remember desperately anticipating every cliff-hanging issue. It was a fantastic experience for a 12 yr old to go through.

Re-writing it?
For me it's a no-brainer - Kurt Busiek and George Perez.
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The Dark Knight
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I haven't read Secret Wars. I'm cautious about it like i am cautious about every Marvel Event or Story that you read when you were 12 and loved... espeacially after Uncanny X-Men of Claremont... what a garbage...

But i would like to see a remake Secret Wars or a love latter to The Secret Wars like Justice was a love latter to The Super Friends Cartoon Show or something by Grant Morrison or Alan Moore as writter and Alex Ross or Williams III as artist.

Geoff Johns sounds good as well.
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