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Spce Battleship Yamato

Yamato... I have a really deep love from the bottom of my heart for Yamato Anime and Manga.

I have chance to read the Classic Yamato manga lately. And it was a very nostalgic experince as man who watched the anime of Yamato when he was a elemantery school kid on The Early 90s.

I am a soldier's boy who grew up in Military Lodgings until i was 13. When i was 9 or something, at one of these Military Lodgings, there was a Unripe Almond Tree, which the children including me called, The Yamato. We climbed on it, 4 boys and 1 girl and played Yamato most of the time when we were outside in Military Lodgings, playing. We would eat the unripe almonds on the branches of The Yamato on summer, it was our space battleship Yamato. We all loved the Anime Space Battleship Yamato, so much.

Those were really fun times which will never come back... I wonder if The Yamato is still alive, i hope they didn't cut it down. I would like to climb on it one last time and scream ''Yamato !!!'' last time, before i die.

I remember from one episode that Captain Okita once talked out loud to himself on the deck and explained to the young crew memeber, Susumu ''as you get old, you start to think out loud'' and that do happen ! , my father is 65, now and he started to think out loud... He time to time says things without expecting any answer... And That Reminds me Okita all the time.

Watching Yamato at an earlly age was a really Special Voyage.
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