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I started to read my first Manhwa. (: It is called Solo Leveling, i am 10 chapters in and it is amazing.

Manhwa is the name of Korean Comics. Just like Manga is the name of Japanese Comics. The main difference between Manga and Manhwa is Manhwas are in color and usually are adapted from Web Comics called Webtoon series. Solo Leveling is also one of them. It is originaly a Light Novel though.

As Far as i read Solo Leveling, It was what if somehow MMORPGs that people played in their computers were a part of real life. It was about Jinwoo Sung, a Korean male adult at his early 20s who was a really weak hunter. (a hunter was spiritually awakened person, who raided the dugeons by entiring them by portals which were open at many places on Earth) in one of the raids, he lived a phenomenon called reawakening and after that he was able to get powerful by leveling up. He was the Chosen Player of mysterious System. Jinwoo was really hungery for power so he worked tirelessly to level up. I am at chapter 10 and Jinwoo became really considerably powerful in just 10 chapters. The lenght of the Manhwa is 180 chapters. He will be unreasonably powerful by the end probably. lol

I also started to get The Omnibus Editions of a Manhwa called The Breaker. It is a martial arts manhwa, , i heard pretty good things about it, but i haven't started to read it yet just making a backlog.
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