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Disney movie updates from D23

LOL. This isn't from me. Found it on the D23 Facebook page I follow.

Ok here is my report from the Disney Studios panel. Two words: mind blowing. I don’t know if I have ever seen my son so excited. We were in the front row, sitting about 15-20 feet from the stage, and there were 7,000 people in the audience.

I may be missing some details, but since our phones were sealed I was kicking it old school and taking notes with pen and paper. Some of the names got by me, so anyone else who was there, please weigh in.

We did not have reservations, we lined up outside, around the corner from the convention center about 5 pm last night and we overnighted in the basement (they call it the dungeon.)

Here we go:

Started with the co-director of Disney studios. First major movie covered was the Rise of Skywalker. Blown away when JJ Abrams came out with Kathy Kennedy to talk about the project - why they did it, what they were wanting to accomplish, etc.

Then - the room was completely blown away when the ENTIRE cast of Rise of Skywalker came out with R2D2 and BB8 and this other droid I didn’t know. Every single main actor was there and each said a few sentences. They showed us brand new amazing clips that hinted as to major story line, and announced we were all getting the new movie poster.

Next was the Marvel CEO. He came out and started by bringing out the writer of Black Panther movie and said he was working on Black Panther II (but it will not be called that) for release on May 6, 2022.

Next he discussed the Eternals and brought out the ENTIRE cast of the eternals.

Next he gave us an exclusive look of Black Widow including a very large never before seen movie clip.

After Marvel Studios wrapped, next up was Disney. The director of Disney Studios came up, first movie discussed was Jungle Cruise.

The crowd was absolutely BLOWN AWAY when this giant jungle cruise boat came out with wheels - and who was the skipper but Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He came out, cracked some jokes (hilarious) and then out came his co-Star Emily Blunt! Seeing them together on stage was awesome. We got to see two different 5 minute clips, taken from each perspective of Rock and Emily Blunt’s character.

Next movie discussed was Maleficent, Mistress of Evil. Then all the stars of that movie came out - including Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer. Wowza. Each of them had something to say, and we saw a pretty cool new clip from the movie.

Mulan was the next movie discussed, and the director Niki Caro came out and presented a brand new clip. (Btw this movie looks incredible.)

Next announced was that the live action movie called Cruella was being filmed. Emma Stone addressed everyone from on set in London, as it is filming now.

After this wrapped, out came Pixar. CEO Pete Docter (who took over from John Lassiter) came out - he was very funny. He introduced the next movie called Soul that is coming out - he described the plot and presented an awesome clip. The writers and directors came out to address the crowd. Next came out the voice actors - Questlove from Roots, Phylescia Rashad, Davieed Digs from Hamilton, as well as Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey. Seeing all these folks in person was totally crazy.

Next discussion was Onward. What a cool movie. The main prop from Onward (a 1970s Van with a unicorn on the side) is on the showroom floor. Pete Docter brought out the producer and director to address the crowd.... then....

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland came out! The crowd freaked out! Then they brought out Julia Louis Dreyfus, who plays their mom. They then showed us an 8 minute clip that had not been seen by anyone outside of Pixar. Great, great, great. Out of the box story.

Last was Walt Disney Animation Studios. The CEO presented Raya and the Last Dragon and brought out Jen Lee, the director. The Story was inspired by stories out of Southeast Asia. Beautiful film with animated cinematography only the way Pixar can do it.

Last but certainly not least was presentation and discussion of Frozen II. Basically, this movie will go back and explain why Elsa has her powers and will tie up loose ends such that Frozen I and Frozen II should be considered one movie. They are bringing back a scene with the parents. They have the same songwriting team for this movie and played portions of two new songs for us. Chills.

Then.... they brought out the cast of the original Frozen. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and I’m sorry I’m blanking on the actor who plays Kristof. They all sang a new song together while confetti was dropping from the ceiling.

Totally amazing experience. Each attendee was given a movie poster from the Rise of the Skywalker, Onward, and Frozen II.

On so many levels, I’m very glad and thrilled we were there. This will be a lifelong memory for sure. ❤️ #yolo #D23
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Did they show Taskmaster in the Black Widow footage?
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Thank you for this!! I appreciate you sharing with us your first hand experience. There's some great stuff in there.
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