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Originally Posted by Shoo View Post
I did receive mine last Friday. The portrait looks much better now, she even seems to have a slight blush on her cheeks. Her arms are more pleasing to the eye, too. it does improve the statue.

If only my reservations against the use of translucent resin had been heard, all of this could have been avoided.

So that's the positive news - they are sending these.

BUT... her new left arm won't go in. The peg there is wider than the original one - no matter how I try, it just won't fit.

So now I have to buy some sanding material to try and get the bloody arm in, something I've never done (I'm all thumbs) and shouldn't have to. It's either that, back to the translucent resin or a one-armed Chun-Li.

Thank you Shoo. Glad they are shipping. Haven't heard anything from Sideshow. Mind sharing couple pictures how the new portrait looks.
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Originally Posted by Yellowbeast View Post
Mind sharing couple pictures how the new portrait looks.
Sure, as soon as I can.

Mind you, guys, this might be an isolated case. Both the peg on the original arm and the inside of Chun-Li's shoulder were already very much worn down when I received the statue - directly from Kinetiquettes. Said peg actually looks to have been sanded, so maybe QA caught that and did it themselves. But since the replacement obviously uses the same mould and they do not have my Chun body anymore, I'm stuck with a way too big peg now, at least until I gather the courage and get around to it.
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