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RIP Kentaro Miura

RIP Kentaro Miura. A talented man whose imagination and storytelling I enjoyed tremendously.

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There goes the ending of Berserk.
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I'm finding this hard to believe. I mean, I'm not in denial, but I would like more confirmation. I've read a couple sites reporting it, but it's a little surreal.

People always joked about Miura and GRRM not finishing, so I'm in a little bit of shock here...
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very sad news, the man was a true master in the art of storytelling
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Doctor Doom
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All good things must come to an end but the very best never do.
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Metal Men
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I will never forget way back seeing the end of the Golden Age arc. Seeing all that emotional time and investment come undone was one of the most shocking story twists I've experienced.

Berserk is truly among one of the greatest mangas ever made, and the shame is never see its conclusion.
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I would expect his team to try to get the story finished--hopefully at least.
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Omega Flight
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I saw this last night and was a bit in disbelief. RIP sir.
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Master Pizza
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I only saw the 1997 anime and that was probably a year or two ago. I've never had such an emotional reaction to an anime before and really haven't had that kind of reaction to anything I've watched since. Really epic and devastating experience.
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