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Updated 2/24/19 - Membership Rules and Guidelines

Welcome To The Site!


Please do not use actual names that are not yours for your fourm id. For example, Clint Eastwood, Randy Bowen, Queen Elizabeth III...

Please try not to use a free email account (gmail, hotmail, yahoo...). Your membership may not be approved. We do not spam or sell/reveal your email address so using a true email address should not be a problem.

Signatures are currently disabled for the general members due to "abuse" but are included for paying Adamantium Members.

Avatars are still functioning, but please keep them clean. No pictures of women baring breasts or behinds. Basically, women (and men) should have real clothes on, not swimwear.

Feel free to send suggestions via PM to any moderator.


- This forum, while open to the public, is a privately owned entity and is run as such. By registering on and using this site, you acknowledge that any decisions made by the Administrators (ADMIN) or Moderators (MODS) on this board concerning threads, posts and membership rights are final.

- MODS are constantly discussing the guidelines we use for running the forum. It should be made absolutely clear that it is not the place of the forum members to publicly question or challenge any decision. If there is a rule you don't understand, or a question you have (other than the reason for another member’s suspension) ask a MOD via Private Message (PM).

*The following information and rules may be subject to change. Please contact a MOD if you ever have any questions or doubts about anything


- Please create threads in their appropriate section of the forum, e.g. don't post about comic books in the Bowen section, etc. Threads will be moved into their proper section by a MOD if necessary.

- Threads or posts with a political or religious tone should only be posted in the special Politics and Relgion section of the forum available to Adamantium Members. Such threads or posts in the general forum will be deleted without warning.

- Multiple threads on a subject may be modified/deleted by a MOD to try and keep the forum as clutter free as possible.

- Constructive criticism is encouraged, but outright bashing will be frowned upon. This is a forum and opinions, statements and tones will be used that you don't personally agree with. Keep in mind that doesn't automatically make what was posted wrong or offensive. Feel free to report posts you feel are questionable, but remember, we're grown-ups here and a certain amount of ribbing is to be expected (and will be tolerated). If someone is picking on you personally and you respond in kind, don't come to us later complaining about being picked on. Report the first offense or don't report it at all. Threads or posts considered out of line by a MOD will be modified or deleted.

- Threads, posts, avatars, signatures or other pictures deemed offensive by a MOD, for any reason, will be deleted. This includes baring of female breasts or male/female behinds, sexual innuendo or anything illegal in nature.

- When quoting other members, their posts may be edited for length, but please do not change the wording/meaning of their post.

- Please do not post pictures of items which are known to be recasts, or in any way advertise a known recaster’s work.


Please do not do this. We will delete the links without notice or warning and may ban you as well. This forum is not for you to send traffic to your site and/or monetize your site or your friend's.

If you want to write a column, create a video or share something for the forum members on a regular basis, we will more than gladly support you on this forum. But, we will not have members bumping threads so they may be able to obtain subscribers, buyers, clients or hits. So, again, if you really are doing it for the members, do it here.


-It's allowed, just make sure the hotlink is safe. Photos with watermarks are allowed to be posted by members. We like to give credit to the sites where information is found.

- Producers posting photos should not have any watermarks, websites or other identification associated with a third party on them since they should have the original, non-watermarked photos available (company information is allowed). Similarly, if you choose to post photos on the forum with a Statueforum watermark for some reason, please do not use those photos on another site. It's proper business etiquette. Companies freely advertising their products should do so in a neutral manner.

THINK BEFORE YOU POST If what you are typing is not something you would say to someone’s face, or is not something you would appreciate being said to you, don't post it.


- Continual rules violations, or any actions deemed inappropriate by forum representatives, may result in the suspension or permanent revocation of membership on this forum.

Suspensions of varying lengths will be imposed by a MOD if:

- A member blatantly breaches posted or understood rules. This includes B/S/T violations, being argumentative, obscene language, vulgar postings (including pics with nudity or sexual innuendo), general disruptive behavior, ignoring the requests of a forum representative, spamming, etc.

- A member is seen by the MODS to be a detriment to the forum. This will result from a member making no positive contributions, other members complaining about the individual, or the member repeatedly questioning the MODS decisions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we welcome them, but if you are asked to stop doing/saying something, then stop. Plainly put, if you're not going to enjoy the site and are only going to be a bother to us, you're out.

- A member is believed to be participating in illegal/questionable activities, on OR off the forum. This includes recasting existing pieces for the purpose of casting/selling, sculpting licensed characters for the purpose of casting/selling or hiring someone to sculpt a licensed character for the purpose of casting/selling. Commissioning a piece for your personal collection or sculpting something for your personal collection (or sculpting something for someone else for their personal collection) is fine. The forum does not wish to have any affiliation with individuals whom we believe to be involved in such activities.

- Badmouthing or insulting the forum, it's representatives or it's members somewhere else. Yeah, you may not like it, but it's life. If you hear about a friend badmouthing you, you're going to call him on it, even if he wasn't badmouthing you to your face. Sorry folks, every action has a reaction.

- If a member receives a temporary ban and then reregisters under a new member name, the original member name's ban will be lengthened and the new member name banned permanently. The point of a ban is to keep a member from posting due to violating statueforum rules, basically a timeout.

- Please do not question, debate or discuss suspensions/bannings publicly. This includes anything from starting threads to using Avatars expressing your "disagreement" with our decision. Plainly put, it's our decision, not yours. We don't question how you raise your kids, do your job or manage your marriage. We expect the same courtesy. Any threads discussing suspensions/bannings will be deleted and members participating in any threads may be subject to suspension/banning.


- Please do not create threads or insert posts for the purpose of buying, selling or trading in the general sections of this forum. We don't want the forum to become a garage sale which is why you need to be an Adamantium Member to post in our B/S/T section. Any such threads or posts will be removed by a MOD without notice.

- Advertising of retail businesses is allowed on the forum through the creation of threads or posts ONLY to announce special sales or good deals. Standard advertising just to try and drum up business is not allowed (producers are the exception of course as many have online stores integrated into their websites). Any threads deemed as inappropriate will be deleted.

- A Buy/Sell/Trade section is available for Adamantium Members. Click the link for info.

- The eBay Marketplace section is available only for Adamantium Members to link their eBay items. Click the link for info.


-Please see our separate thread on the matter, COMMISSIONS (STATUE) RULES


- Please use common sense. I know this is a relative term, but think before doing something. If you have seen people get suspended/banned for something, don't go and do whatever they did. If you are unclear/unsure about something, ask a MOD. They will always be happy to assist you.

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