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Master Pizza
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Originally Posted by jedi_don View Post
Koto cannot make anything without Marvel/Disney approval. If this was the only version of She-Hulk Marvel would approve, Koto should have passed. If Koto had the freedom to choose, Koto should have passed.

This design looks like a man with pointy pecs. Modern Marvel is so pathetically woke.
Exactly. There was no need for this. The number of people asking for this version of She Hulk wouldn't even cover the cost of a prototype.
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Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
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Originally Posted by Master Pizza View Post
Exactly. There was no need for this. The number of people asking for this version of She Hulk wouldn't even cover the cost of a prototype.
Hahaha. True.
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Originally Posted by Tushar View Post
She-Hulk used to be attractive, yes. But she wasn't exactly drawn as a swimsuit model. And you NEVER understood why Jen wasn't drawn with Hulk-sized muscles? Really? You NEVER understood why a female comic-book character was desired to have sex appeal? Well, rejoice then. You have nothing to complain now, looks like. But you claim you're not invested either way, so...
I don't think you get what I'm trying to say. And you seem unreasonably upset about a divergent perspective.

Originally Posted by UnicornPegasus View Post
Bruce was abused as a child and his mother was murdered by his dad, so his rage builds up and he becomes a super huge, strong, rage monster Hulk. All his different incarnations/transformations come from different aspects of his abuse as well, so not every hulk is the same. The primary version is very mentally child-like to reflect this too.

Jen was more meek and passive in her human form and "frumpy," so her inner desire to be outgoing and "pretty" comes out when she transforms, so she's not as beefy as Bruce's rage fueled transformation. That's also why she retains her intelligence in her She-hulk form too. Hence her more "swimsuit model" look.

This current version of Jen is fueled by rage though, post Civil War II, so that's why she's so much larger and muscular than before.
See, you on the other hand get it. I was talking about from a story perspective. If the nature of "hulking out" is to give a person huge muscles, why didn't that happen to Jen. Well, Marvel has apparently explained that away. Thanks for the info.
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