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Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye... They hooked me with the title. Originally appearing in The Brave & The Bold and Showcase back in the early 1960s, Carson was a spelunker who, with his high-tech burrowing vehicle The Mighty Mole, encountered subterranean phenomena such as lava creatures, alien robots, and lost cities. It was a fairly typical and unremarkable sci-fi adventure comic; however, co-writers Jon Rivera and Gerard Way, with artist Michael Avon Oeming, have created a new series for DC's Young Animal imprint around an unexplained part of Carson's past.

Based on the odd title, I was hoping for an equally-odd direction for the character, but in CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE, VOL. 1, the titular object serves as a MacGuffin for a fairly standard story. EBX, Carson's employer, is meddling in the affairs of the lost city of Muldroog, and its people are being turned into fungal monstrosities. Aiding Carson in his pursuit of the truth is his daughter Chloe, who is slowly learning of her mysterious heritage, and Wild Dog - that's right, the hockey-masked vigilante from the late '80s. I really enjoyed the scenes with Wild Dog, and I can't help feeling that the creative team should have given him a series instead. Oeming's artwork is nice, though it doesn't always help the story, as it's hard to tell what is going on with his action sequences at times, and some of the characters look almost identical. I rate the main story average at best - we'll likely learn more about the eye as the series progresses (as foreshadowed by Dr. Will Magnus), but as it is part of the title, it would have been nice to see more focus on it, as well as a more inspired direction for the story.

What has convinced me to keep reading this series is the back-up section: "Super Powers", by writer/artist Tom Scioli. A seemingly stream-of-consciousness tribute to the classic DC toy line and Jack Kirby tie-in comics, this is a collection of dense 3-page installments that take me back to a childhood spent playing with action figures. Overall, it's the tale of Zan and Jayna, the Royal Twins of Exxor, and how they eventually become the Wonder Twins. Worked into it, via Earth holovids, are bits featuring Green Arrow, the Joker, Batgirl, the power of Shazam, Etrigan, Supergirl, Braniac, and the New Gods. DC has apparently given Scioli the green light to do whatever he wants, with intriguing results.

So, here's hoping that Rivera, Way, and Oeming can get their storyline in gear with volume 2. Scioli has his part well in hand.
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Girl Friends (Complete Collection) vol. 1-2 8/10

This is the first Shoujo ai manga, i have ever read. Just tells the life of some highschool friends, i can never guess that it's so much fun to see how highschool girls hang out and what they talk about. lol It was a nice change of phase after all the manly man stuff, i'm usually into actually. It starts out like highschool girls' lifes pretty much, like a slice of life series but later on, one of the female protogenists discovers her blossoming feeling towards her new best friend and we see how they handle the stuation. It seems her feelings are not just one sided. It's so sweet to read. There are no pervy stuff like fan service or fetish in the manga and i really appreciate that cause i don't want to end up feeling like a creepy middle aged man who looks at panties of highschool girls... lol I was afraid that there would be some fan service because a friend of mine said to me shoujo ai and yuri were for men but there wasn't any fan service, YAY ! lol

To the defence of the manga; Mari and Akko taking nude photos at bath was so cute and fun they made silly poses and everything i don't consider that fan service. Yeah, they were at their undies at shopping at some point but it wasn't lascivious, i mean it was as lascivious as Tama min's sun burn because of her silly bikini... lol It wasn't sexy, it didn't certainly feel that way. No lewd vibe or anything. It's like not even every sex scene is to turn you on in some films. It's just something people do so it's in the film or in this case in the manga as a slice of life stuation. I don't consider them fan service at all.

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