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Originally Posted by ukshaun View Post
Clean paint lines.
Non wonky eye's.
Base designs that add to the piece, rather than detract.
Less mixed media is preferable.
Less assembly is preferable over statues that require much assembly.
Originally Posted by generalszabo View Post
Light ups that don't involve USB charging or button batteries (but with good poweradapter)

If you use mixed media, don't have it flake or peel eventually

Engineer it right so it doesn't lean

More assembly doesn't bother me as it's less likely to break if it ships in multiple parts

Secure and safe packaging in as compact a box as possible - bit of a contradiction maybe

Ideally a final piece that looks like the proto, but that is hit and miss most of the time

I don't care about the materials used as long as it looks good, couldn't care how heavy or light it is (lighter is better for shipping)
Fully agree with the thoughts above.

"safe packaging in as compact a box as possible"
I feel the sideshow boxes (and most XM boxes) are generally speaking designed more compact than the statues i receive from e.g. Prime1. Sometimes there is just to much styro between the different parts (rim of styro has to be thicker/sturdy of course, but center of box does endure less impact force).
Storing enormous boxes is a pain.
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What I'm personally looking for:
  • High quality glass eyes
  • Extreme details with textures for the character's skin, hair, clothing, etc.
  • Realism for characters (stylized realism for things like anime)
  • Minimalistic bases, a simple pedestal and fine detailed surface works perfectly.
  • No leaning / good engineering for statue stability.
  • Ideally good packaging. I think when you open up a statue it should feel like a premium experience, not just seeing cheap paper / styrofoam that breaks everywhere.
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Everyone here has at least something I look for in a piece. My general feelings are:

If it’s a movie piece the likeness needs to be spot on for me to even consider it.

All other pieces as long as it’s as close to the concept or medium it’s being taken from I’ll buy it.

With all the choices, sloppiness, greed and increases nowadays a piece has to wow me. P1 Terra was my red line, I used to say no piece was too expensive, boy they proved me wrong.
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usually quality and detail on the portrait first which catches my eyes than the rest of the statue.
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The Avengers
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Not too tall, base that isn't ridiculous, priced under 700, and "lesser" characters. Definitely don't need another statue of Batman, Wonder Woman, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Darth Maul, Ryu, Chun Li, etc.

I'm glad that Iron Studios is doing Lady Deathstrike and Spiral, they look great.
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