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Old 04-28-2019, 08:19 PM   #1
Plastic Man
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Custom paint shaker

I've been trying to get back into model kits. As a result of such a long pause many of my paints need a lot of mixing and in some cases some additional thinner. I some have bottles/jars as as old a 15 years, may be older. I have purchased some stainless steel BBs to help mix and even bought the Robart shaker which I think is in adequate.

After some watching some videos online, some folks have turned to using an old jigsaw and a clamp. So I bought a cheapo Harbor Freight jigsaw for $22 (could be had for cheaper with coupon) and a $2 clamp. Unlike the videos, the HF jigsaw wouldn't readily accept the clamp due to attachment mechanism. So I filed down the end of the clamp, but it broke on first test due to being weak at the holds in the clamp's shaft. I then decided to Gorilla glue a broken (intentionally) jigsaw blade, I wrapped that in aluminum tape and then used a craft wire laminated with Gorilla glue. This worked, but due to the earlier break, the clamp doesn't open wide enough for Vallejo bottles. So I am currently working on clamp Mk.2. I am going to skip the aluminum tape step as I did it previously as glue didn't cure. I'll also cover the glue and wire with heat shrink tube to protect it from any damage. I'll post photos of Mk.2 clamp when I finish. I may reinstall the blade support roller on the jigasaw if it doesn't interfere with the bonded area.

So does anyone use a custom paint shaker?
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Old 05-01-2019, 12:11 AM   #2
Plastic Man
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Completed mk. 2 clamp. Used a better quality clamp compared to the Harbor Freight one.

1. Measure how much to shorten jigsaw blade. I used a fine tooth metal blade. Make sure enough the blade sticks out to mount to jigsaw. I used the T style blade.

2. I snapped the blade at the mark by putting it in a vise and hitting the end with a hammer. Eye protection necessary as the broken part flies off.

3. Rough grit sanded both sides of the jigsaw blade and both sides clamp shaft up to where it will be. This removes paint and provides texture for glue to bite

4. Cleaned sanded parts with acetone or alcohol. Apply small amount of Gorilla Glue and press parts together. I wrapped the bonded area with masking tape to hold parts in place and squeezed in vise to let cure overnight.

5. Removed tape and clean off any tape adhesive with alcohol. Not sure if acetone dissolves Gorilla Glue

6. Wrapped bonded area with craft wire

7. Apply Gorilla Gorilla over wire wrap area. Scrape off excess with hobby knife or craft stick. You want just enough glue to cover the wire and fill gaps.

8. Once glue has cured, I covered the bond area with heat shrink tube to protect the bonded area.

9. Add adhesive grip pad to one or both sides of clamp. I only used one thick pad to hold drip bottle cap end in place.

Wear eye protection when testing and in use. Works best when holding the jigsaw horizontally with the blade aiming down. Use a used or cheap jigsaw as the clamp and paint assembly may cause additional wear to the jigsaw motor.
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Old 05-09-2019, 12:31 AM   #3
Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.
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That is ingenious! I seriously want one now.
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