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Old 11-07-2019, 01:15 PM   #1
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MCU Grosses - The Future?

Looking over the past eleven years the MCU has evolved for a mix of hits in its early days into the biggest force in Hollywood.

However, some doubt lingers as to if the MCU can continue its incredible series of success. The book closed on many critical characters and it appears another "Avengers" is likely 5 years away as the studio regroups building its next crop of heroes.

Looking over the series from 2008 to 2019 a few things strike me.

1. New characters debut with a stronger floor than early MCU films.
2. Every series see grosses increase in sequels.

Now, the past doesn't determine the future, but it is impressive how strong the brand is.

Looking ahead for 2020 and 2021 we have

1. Black Widow (existing character, but first time in stand alone)

My prediction: A solid, but not spectacular gross for what should be a smaller scale MCU film
$600-650 million

2. The Eternals (new characters)

My prediction: I have no clue really, but if Guardians worked this could have a high floor as people trust Marvel
$750-800 million

3. Shang-Chi (New character)

My prediction: This seems to be a big China bet so a lot hinges on that.
$650-700 million

4. Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (Existing character)

My prediction: Out grosses the original comfortably after characters Avengers exposure.
$900-950 million

5. Spider-Man: MCU 3 (Existing character)

My prediction: Spidey goes out with a bang capping the series with another massive gross
1200-1250 million

6. Thor: Love and Thunder (Existing Character)

My prediction: People seemed to love Ragnarok so looks primed to gross a billion with everyone returning.
1000-1050 million


I look forward to being completely wrong as Shang-Chi grosses 2 billion and Eternals flops with 150 million. What are your thoughts about the next two years? I cannot be certain what is coming 2022 and beyond.
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Old 11-07-2019, 01:58 PM   #2
New Republic
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I predict Shang Chi will do very well domestically due to the ethnic casting like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians. International success will depend on its authenticity which is why Crazy Rich Asians flopped overseas. I read that Asian audiences outside the U.S. couldn't relate.
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Old 11-07-2019, 04:21 PM   #3
Mister H
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Really hope Black Widow has a great story. Don't really care how much it makes, same thing with Shang Chi. After those, I'll have a long Marvel movie wait until Silver Surfer.
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