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+3 Ken Lashley - very easy to deal with, and does great commissions, including the Superboy that I use as my avatar. Highly recommended.

+ 3 Jason Bone - has done a number of commissions that I would never part with, highly recommended as well.

+1 Chris Sprouse - art took more than year but he was always in touch and the finished commission left me breathless

+1 Robbi Rodriguez - very painless commission process, and I love his work

+5 Kirk Dilbeck - I have bought more than 10 pages from him on eBay over the last 2 years

+5 Court Gebeau - the same comment as with Kirk applies

+60 Michael Gaydos - that's the number of pieces that I've bought from Michael over the years. Not just a great artist but one that's trustworthy.

-1 Chris Staggs - did 2 great commissions, never sent the 3rd, has ignored all emails for almost 2 years

-4 Keith Champagne - untrustworthy, initially assured me that my art (a set of 4 Green Lantern pages) was safely stored away when I made payment. Then it turns out he had sold me some pages that he no longer owned. I doubt that he would have even returned my money if I hadn't followed with him regularly for months. Avoid. (
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Originally Posted by Gotham95 View Post
Here's my story...

-1 Jason Pearson

In September 2009 I met Jason at the Dallas Comic Con. He couldn't get to my comission so I gave him the $200 with the impression the piece would be done before he left and a mutual third party would get it to me. That soon turned into working on it back home and then weeks, months and Marvel projects went by. Now it's over two years. I was always assured the piece would be done but nothing so far. The last I heard from Jason was in November of 2010. My e-mails go unanswered now. I've asked for either the commission or my $200 back. No reply. This has really upset me because I've always been a fan of his work.
Still waiting on commission. I contacted his rep (Michael Alexander) in November of 2011. He looked into it and this January Jason himself finally replied to an e-mail. After being told in the past that the piece basically just needed to be inked, Jason then indicated he doesn't know what I want in my commission. After a reply from me he said he would research it and consider some sketching time. Towards the end of March I sent messages to Jason and Michael checking on the piece. Only Michael replied, who said they had a long talk and Jason still wants to do the piece and that they would have a decision by the next weekend (Easter) and if it falls through I'd get a refund. Well Easter came and went. I again sent messages and finally Michael answered yesterday. He hasn't heard from Jason lately and asked what he owed me. No reply yet and I don't know what's going to happen. I'm so frustrated over this whole ordeal. And to add insult I see on CAF that Jason is accepting commissions with 45 to 70 day turn around....
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+1 Rhiannon Owens - great person and incredible work
+1 Michael Watkins - quick turnaround and great guy
+1 Charles Paul wilson III - great guy and fun to talk to. fast turn around
Recasters suck big time!
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+1 Bret Blevins. Super fast turnaround, extremely professional.
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+ 1 J.M. DeSantis - very friendly and extremely easy to deal with. Here is the piece he did for me:
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-1 DeviantART name Robaato / aka Robert Porter

I had commissioned two characters from him from three years back - both original characters that he could show me the progress of and possibly do more work to if we agreed they'd look better with it - of course, for an extra fee (inks, paints, etc). For the first year he said he was having financial problems and didn't have the time to get to his commissions list, which wasn't a red flag as I had a lot of patience. In the second year I started emailing him about their progress to which he would reply back to me saying "I have news..", but then would never tell what said news was in any emails we would exchange. In the third year he started telling me that he had finished the pieces and that they were in an envelope, ready to be mailed out, but they would never show up in my mail after he would say he'd get his wife to do it. Early this year he finally threw up a general message to his commission list saying that since he had a new job that demanded his time that he wouldn't be able to get to a lot of his drawings and that he would be offering refunds to those that didn't want to wait. It had been months of silence from me over all the lies he was giving, so this one last time I emailed him just asking for a refund since he was giving me this run around for so many years and (luckily) he sent my money back. He tried to reaffirm that he finished my pieces (which I never saw - he never scanned them or posted them online), but that he wasn't proud of them since he developed some new drawing style (or some b.s.) and didn't want to send them to me.

Buyer beware.

+1 Martin Abel

Awesome experience from this artist from Australia. He was selling some sketchbook's and art prints and I asked him if he didn't mind just doing a little 8.5x11 commission for me as well since I was buying from the U.S. (and he wasn't offering commissions at the time). I asked him to draw whatever he wanted and he said no problem, sent the sketchbooks, art prints, and commission out with no hassle at all.
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-1 Doug Hazlewood

Ignored my commission requests (I couldn't reach him thru either e-mail, DA, or CAF), decided to ink my Tom Grummett Superman commission and put it up for sale without asking, I didn't lose any money on him, but I do feel (a) disrespected and (b) foolish for even trying to commission this guy.
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Sadly, Hazelwood seems to have made a habit of inking work off CAF without asking permission from the owner or original artist.
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+1 Harvey Talibao. Second commission from him, puts a lot into it.
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Borrow money from a pessimist, they don't expect it back.
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+1 John Higgins - Fantastic experience, top quality work and a gent to boot!

+1 Colin Wilson - Colin puts his all into every piece he produces whether it is Judge Dredd, Blueberry or Star Wars. His work is simply incredible and he is one of the kindest guys around.
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