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Originally Posted by lewisnfro86 View Post
Comparison isn't really the same I guess, but I meant in terms of color/costume swaps. Reg/Shin, 3 Ryu's, and soon to be 3 Chuns. They all share the same pose to an extent with some minor modifications, but sell very well. MK does well too, just not as well as SF, especially in 1:4 (e.g. Cyber Ninjas)
I see what you're saying but it definitely is a different situation.

Two different MK characters were created with the same sculpt.

Since the 1/3 SF line if Jerry's baby he's sculpting all the characters. Even though there's alternates to each character each character has their own sculpt. Even Akuma/ Ryu two different characters who have a similar pose both have a different sculpt. Different situation than kitana/mileena having the same body. Heck even the ninjas by and large have the same body sculpt.

That's a big plus to the street fighter line IMO
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Did Jerry ever replied or comment about the future of Sonya as part of the MK collection? I didn't see any updates on the "ask questions thread" but there's been many replies since last I checked...
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