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Originally Posted by Steve evans View Post
I think this is the problem with high-end collectibles nowadays. Limited world-wide distribution and extremely high shipping costs. I was keen to get the ECC T-Rex but when I realised I'd be paying an extra 1000 euros to get it shipped, it was an easy pass. I've also noticed that certain companies are reducing their edition sizes and increasing the price...why make more for the same profit if you don't need to. Sadly, it's the collectors/ fans that lose out and many, including myself, are being priced out of the market.
To me, this is more a regulatory problem. Instead of working to reduce the customs burden, governments are actively using technology to enforce the status quo. Plus they're forcing policies that interrupt global supply chains, thereby making freight costs sky-rocket.

Ten years ago you could ship a regular 1/4 scale statue from the US to Europe for ~100$ via USPS Global. That was a golden time and is long gone now. There are certain loopholes to get stuff from Asia into Europe by rail but other than that, the status quo is pretty horrible.

RRP and Edition Sizes are one thing and consumers can send a message to the producer if they chose to (a reason I passed on XM Hulk), but the other stuff is just beyond reasoning.
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Originally Posted by cocomonk22 View Post
Just pre-ordered at Spec. Full pay is $2919 vs $2999 with deposit.
I got one there also. Noticed it was showing qty of 1, then after I ordered it still said 1. Not sure if that is intentional or not to make you think there is only 1 left and to hurry and order.
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