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Birds of Prey
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Maniac Cop (1988)

This is one of those movies i have been aware of for as long as i can remember. Over the years the poster for the movie featuring a cop with a skull face has always intrigued me, and led me to believe it could be about a cop returned from the dead. It stars Bruce 'Evil Dead' Campbell. I watched the Blu-ray which features a decent enough picture, given the movies age. Sadly Maniac Cop felt very dated, and not the classic i had hope for.

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Iko Iko
I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.
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Originally Posted by joefixit2 View Post
yeah, I would say a 7/10 for me. It was interesting to watch but it seems more like a series of random happenings than a story sometimes. Interesting as most of the people seemed like they were really just people and not actors.
Funny you say that because I read an article where some of those people were just regular folks. And I agree on the random happenings. The story meandered a little at times.
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Nightwish (1989) - very strange movie about a team of people studying fear and how it affects the mind. Its one of those whats real whats not type of movies, and it did suffer a bit from a small budget but I think they did a great job with what they had to work with, it was entertaining all the way through, but you'll probably guess the ending - 7/10

To all a Goodnight (1980) - one of the first "Santa slasher" movies, with a pretty good twist ending. Not quite as good as Black Christmas or Silent Night Deadly Night, but about on part with Christmas Evil, could have used a touch more gore though - 7/10

Silent Scream (1979) - Late 70's slasher movie that gets bonus points for including the always amazing Barbara Steele (Black Sunday, The Pit and the Pendulum) in a silent role, but even though she doesnt speak I think its one of her finest roles and thats saying a lot considering her filmography. Apparently this movie was almost entirely reshot, they wanted to add in another story, and replace some of the actors, this is when they brought in Barbara Steele and Yvonne De Carlo for some star power, apparently only 12 minutes was left from the original movie after reshoots - 8/10

Jennifer's Body (2009) - fun possession movie starring Megan Fox, this one has developed a bit of a cult following since release, this is my first viewing, it didnt blow me away but it was good fun horror, and it never hurts looking at Megan Fox for a couple hours - 6.5/10

Unmasked Part 25 (1988) (a.k.a The Hand of Death) - this movie is similar to "behind the mask: the rise of lesie vernon" in that the movie takes place from the killers perspective, and shows what his life is like, how he plans his murders, his relationships etc, this movie was a lot of fun and the kills were crazy gory - 7.5/10

Class of 1984 (1982) - interesting to see what people in 1982 thought school life would be like in the distant future of 1984 lol. This movie was really ahead of its time, showing a lot of things they feared would happen in schools that have happened and have become common place. I was really surprised with the graphic ending and what the protagonist ended up doing, definitely no happy ending here. Interesting to note, this is one of Michael J Fox's first few movies (credited as Michael Fox) he was only in it for a bit but had an impact, also stars Roddy Mcdowall as a psychotic teacher - 8/10

Black Rainbow (1989) - not to be confused with 'beyond the black rainbow' and in no way related to that movie, Black Rainbow stars Rosanna Arquette as the daughter of an alcoholic conman who uses her to make money with fake psychic readings, but her abilities being real or fake come into question when she begins accurately predicting deaths that have not occurred yet. This one is a little slow, but oddly captivating, and Rosanna gives one of her best performances - 7/10

Scanners (1981) - awesome movie from David Cronenberg about people with extraordinary psychic powers (the 'scanners') which are gathering to destroy humanity, with the only hope of stopping them being one of their own. This movie had great atmosphere, and awesome special effects (you might know the now famous head exploding image which has become a meme, thats from this movie) and it was full of twists and turns with a great surprise ending, tons of fun all the way through - 8.5/10

Shivers (1975) - Another David Cronenberg movie (and actually his first feature film) this guy really loved his body horror. In this one the occupants of a high rise apartment become infected by parasites that turn them into mindless, raging, sex-crazed fiends out to infect anyone around them. He did a really good job on the atmosphere, and props as well for having Barbara Steele in this as well (yes I really like Barbara Steele lmao) the effects are very dated, including seeing wires and everything, but as David Cronenberg joked, hes not George Lucas so hes not going to go back and digitally redo the movie lol - 7/10
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The Green Hornet
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Purple Rain (1984) - A young musician, tormented by an abusive situation at home, must contend with a rival singer, a burgeoning romance, and his own dissatisfied band, as his star begins to rise.

While I've seen this movie more than any other, it had been a few years since my last viewing and it's apparent that many of the non-music segments have not aged well at all. However, when Prince starts singing the title song during the big finale, it's still magical to me. 7/10
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