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Old 12-07-2017, 05:00 PM   #6351
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Hi All! Sorry for me being sparse but likely this will continue to be par for the course from now on. My time is incredibly limited between work and personal life, so I will pop in when I can to answer questions but there could be weeks if not over a month between me being able to tackle them. So very sorry I'm not able to spend as much time with y'all but I will answer when there's moments to do so!

Originally Posted by HeavyMetalSpike View Post
Hi Alex

I know prospective purchasers of the Wolf Predator LSB would appreciate THAT material description being made clear.

Any idea when that will be done (it's only a bit of text update ).

The product summary and materials section on the product page for the Wolf Predator breaks down the materials it is comprised of (PVC, Resin, and Vinyl).

Originally Posted by Kovenor View Post
Hey Alex,

any plans to extend the CoTD legendary lineup past Xiall and oglivaeil?

Always a possibility but I'm only aware of Oggy and Xiall at the moment for the line.

Originally Posted by MPCanes View Post

What's Magneto going to be made from, given the floating pose?
I don't have a materials breakdown (and materials can always change during the manufacturing process) but more than likely Magneto himself would be resin/polystone, fabric cape and a base a mix of resin/polystone and possibly thinner casted resin/polytone or PVC for parts that would break easily if casted in a harder material.

Originally Posted by Gecktechs View Post
Alex, does SS have any plans to revisit Batman and Joker with fully sculpted PF's, just like Spider-Man and Green Goblin?
I'm sure we'll revisit those characters again but I don't know what the approach would be in regards to materials, sculpt, etc.

Originally Posted by DroidAssassin View Post
Hi SS Alex. Will Sideshow be continuing in their Hellboy tradition & bring out a PFF representation of the upcoming David Harbour/Neil Marshall Hellboy?
There are no plans currently. That could change of course but at this point in plans.

Originally Posted by Vince_be View Post
Hi Alex, is it true that Sideshow has a new warehouse in Europe so we don't have to pay crazy import taxes anymore?
Sorry, we do not have a warehouse in the EU.

Originally Posted by I and I View Post
Hi Alex... is wasp the last one planned in the avengers assemble line? Thx
Wasp is the last one I'm aware of. If there are more planned for the future I'm not in the know about it at this time.

Originally Posted by Frayhor View Post
Hello Alex,

Just a few questions :
Do you know in which material are the water base and the character on Aspen PF, what is in ABS and can you tell us if there is a peg in each of ther legs ? I just fear for future leaning issues.
Is it possible to get all the details concerning the list of materials used by Sideshow for all the statues before/as the preorder begins ? (which part is made of what ?)

Thank you for your answer and for your time
The Water element will be made out of a clearer resin material.

One of her legs (the one fully out of the water) is free floating while the other (in the water) is/will be pegged into the base.

As for lists of every little material a piece is comprised of...not something that will be implemented at this time BUT pieces comprised of larger amounts of PVC or vinyl will be called out accordingly once such information is known (if it's known after Pre-Order there will be updates made and sent to customers prior to the item shipping to them...such in the case of the recent Rey Premium Format Figure).

Originally Posted by zombini View Post
Are there any PVC/Vinyl parts on the upcoming JUNGLE Hunter Maquette? and if there are, which parts will they be?
Jungle hunter is made up primarily of resin/polystone with some exceptions to pieces on it that are better suited to be casted in PVC or other types of plastic to prevent breakage (blades in his right hand weapon, dreads as such items not cast in resin/polystone).

Originally Posted by Sandman585 View Post
Hey SS Alex can we NOT make Swamp Thing out of Vinyl? Thanks just asking for a friend.
It will be made of Vinyl.

Originally Posted by GenoToys View Post
Thanks for answering Alex!

Another Question:

Why can't we buy Sideshow Gift cards with our reward points??

Rewards points aren't actually cash, so using them to purchase a gift card is not possible.

Originally Posted by darren1228 View Post
Hi Alex,

Any idea as to when Magneto will be revealed and up for preorder?
Hope ya got a glimpse of him in the Wolverine PF gallery that was released this week!

Pre-Order will occur sometime in early 2018.

Originally Posted by BurningRage View Post
Will the Alien Queen Maquette go up for order this year?
Alien Queen won't be up for Pre-Order until 2018.

Originally Posted by testsubject25 View Post
Hey Alex! Kind of an off the wall question... There's a metal band called "A Sound of Thunder" that did kind of a concept album with Valiant last year for the Shadow Man comic. I was thinking something similar like that with the Court of the Dead line would be pretty killer.

It crossed my mind when the same band released a new video today, and it reminded me of Shard. Anyhow, just a thought! of Court of the Dead with a story intertwined! Great idea! Some more atmospheric music had been commissioned for The Court of the Dead and used at a past SDCC within the display of pieces.

Originally Posted by tulk View Post
Hi Alex,

Are there plan for any more legendary scale bust Alien in the future? Particularly a Predalien?

I'm only aware of more Alien items being in the pipeline at this point. What they are and what the scale will be is not known to me at this time.

Originally Posted by Medusoid View Post
Hey Alex,

When can we expect to see the debut of the Court of the Dead Prestige Statuettes line? Thanks!
Hopefully at some point in 2018!

Originally Posted by crimsinwing1989 View Post
I've been hearing that certain x-men are off limit, rogue for instance could she be made or is it true that there are restrictions on certain characters?Thanks
Yes, there are restrictions on characters and it's a case by case basis and that's the latest information I have regarding that. I don't have a list of what those characters are as that lives within the realm of a team I'm not on and as such I'm not privy to that info.

Originally Posted by MexxPaul View Post
Why are there no statues for Thor Ragnarok? Will there be some down the line? I would love to see a "lightning berserker" Thor, a gladiator Thor and Hela!
Always a possibility that Sideshow will release a Thor Ragnarok collectible but I've not been made aware of one being in the works at this point.

Originally Posted by DarkKlaw View Post
Hi Alex,

With Prime1 offering a massive 38" Doomsday, is there any chance Sideshow has a 1/4 Doomsday in the works?
I know there are folks around here that'd love a Doomsday in that scale but I really am not in the know as to whether one is or not. Sorry.

Originally Posted by zombini View Post
no Dr. Strange (movie) statue?
At this time it doesn't look like a movie Dr. Strange piece is in the pipeline. Maybe in the future as more movies are released?

Originally Posted by safire25 View Post
Hey guys,

Hoping someone can help me here or put my mind at rest. A few years ago I bought the Sideshow T800 life size endo V2.0. I cleaned up the battle damage but lately I have noticed that the statue seems to lean to the left when looking at it. I'm not sure if its always been that way and that's the design and pose of this statue but was worrying me so I removed the arms and head to reduce some weight. From the hipe there is a slight lean to the left? is this normal? if so Ill put everything back together but if not can I fix somehow? was thinking of putting a small spacer under his right foot to help level the hip joint? It does lean slightly slightly forward but from the pics of others I have seen this looks normal, but the left lean I wasn't sure?
Thanks so much

Oh no! Have you reached out to our Customer Service department yet? If not, please do so ASAP regarding this issue to see how they can help you!

Originally Posted by savage.CAP View Post

Thank you for all the answers for all of us, and for putting up with my shennanigans.

But can you tell me when we will get some new 1/4 scale comic renditions of gambit, black panther, doctor strange, scarlet witch, luke cage .... I mean, the truth needs to be told! #PreachAlexPreach
Ok so the pieces for sure and not coming are....

Oh wait...I'd like to keep my job.

#nicetry #trickycap ;-)

Originally Posted by MrJones View Post
Hi Alex,

Has there ever been any discussion past or present surrounding trying to obtain a license to produce statues for WWF/WWE wrestlers? I really think that would be an untapped market and would sell well. Especially the legends of old - seems us collectors are suckers for nostalgia!
I'm not sure if Sideshow has ever pursued a license for WWF/WWE wrestlers but I know there are no plans at this time to acquire that license.

Originally Posted by JC1977 View Post
Hi Alex,

I'm hoping you can answer a couple questions .
First. When can we expect the Hot Toys Justice League Superman to go up for pre-order?
Also. What are the chances of Sideshow coming out with a Justice League Superman premium format?

Thanks for all your answers and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
Sorry but myself and Sideshow as a whole aren't privy to Hot Toys release schedule. We typically find out when one of their items are going to launch for Pre-Order right at the same time y'all do.

Right now there aren't any plans of ra Justice League Superman PF.

Originally Posted by MrJones View Post
I'd also like to ask (sorry to be a nuisance) if there is any consideration for a Mistress Death companion piece to the wildly popular Thanos on Throne maquette?
Not that I'm aware of. She's a great character though!

Originally Posted by Rancorkill View Post
Hi Alex

I noticed Prime 1 statues do not have the PayPal option to pay for them after they have been released. I realize Prime 1 is not SS but since they do offer their products on your site, does SS have any influence on payment options for affiliates like Prime 1s statues? It would be nice to offer the PayPal option for their stuff as well especially since their prices are higher.

I just checked a few Prime 1 In-Stock items through the Sideshow site and all had PayPal as a payment option. Were there In-Stock items in particular you were interested in in which you didn't have that option? If so, please pass those along and I can look into it further.

Originally Posted by davidgroup View Post
Hi Alex,

Is there a chance for the next character from DCEU Justice league? Cant wait to complete the team.

Thanks for reply.
More Justice League are in the works but I'm not at liberty to disclose what they are.

Originally Posted by Wombat View Post
Apologies if this has been asked before. I tried searching but didn't see this. I have a flex plan order where the first payment is scheduled for November 25th that I want to cancel. It says my order is locked for processing. If the first payment goes through and then I cancel is that payment going to be refunded? Thanks.
Sorry I'm getting to your question after the 25th of Nov. Please note that in the future any CS questions will be answered much quicker through them directly then here as my time is extremely limited when I can come here and take time to roll through questions. I'm also not directly on the Customer Service team and am not the best source for these kinds of questions. I can route questions to CS, get updates about inquiries already submitted to CS of course. Sorry again for just getting to this question now.

Hopefully you did contact them with your question and everything was sorted.

Originally Posted by jinkazama View Post
Hi, SSAlex.As I noticed that the production piece of the Jungle Hunter Predator maquette was in a live stream recently[next to the Voltron maquette], I just want to ask, when can we expect to see production pics? Cheers!
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.:-)

Originally Posted by Darkhumor View Post
Hi Alex,

Why are we not allowed to use reward points when our reservations are going to convert?

Thank you.

And I second this statement, and want to add; Why cant we use our points at any time, even after checking out on a pre order, since we're allowed to adjust our flexpay dates anyways? It would help to use when we want to use them on paying down a monthly payment, if we so choose to use them in that way. It all spends the same way and goes back to sideshow.
The potential of using reward points on wait list reservations that convert to live orders and on orders already placed are all possibilities in the future but it would be at least a year before anything like that would be in place as higher programming priorities are in the works now through 2018. Currently the system simply is not built to allow reward point application to wait list conversions, etc.

Originally Posted by BDoggWhite View Post
HI Alex, it's been a while since we've heard from you. I hope all is well.
Thanks for checking in! Life is incredibly busy but all is well!

Originally Posted by SONICobra View Post
alex, is the development team adressing this new lean on the wolverine pf?
I think y'all say the explanation as to what was happening with that item. But quickly...

The piece shown was half prototype (Wolverine himself) and part early factory sample (base) and the two weren't meshing together properly, so the lease was occurring.
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Old 12-07-2017, 05:32 PM   #6352
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Will the Boba Fett life size bust go up for order soon?
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Old 12-07-2017, 08:03 PM   #6353
What is a free gift? Aren't all gifts free?
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Originally Posted by HeavyMetalSpike View Post
Hi Alex

I know prospective purchasers of the Wolf Predator LSB would appreciate THAT material description being made clear.

Any idea when that will be done (it's only a bit of text update ).
Originally Posted by SSAlex View Post
The product summary and materials section on the product page for the Wolf Predator breaks down the materials it is comprised of (PVC, Resin, and Vinyl).
I think something got lost in translation somewhere - surprising given the backlash this LSB received when it turned up 90%+ plastic/vinyl

It hasn't been made clear yet so I guess it's not going to be changed - never mind.

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Old 12-10-2017, 04:09 PM   #6354
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I want to know why Sideshow tried deceiving Wolverine PF buyers buy propping up statue in a photo shoot and then blacking background to give impression of slight upward look. I like forward lunge fierce pose but what worrys me is what am I actually buying ?

It's poor judgment by Sideshow you really need to deliver what fans want. No BS this move was total BS. I preordered this it better be worth my time and money or I'm done with Sideshow!
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Old 12-11-2017, 03:39 PM   #6355
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Hi Alex, will Sideshow be setting up at WonderCon in March?
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Old 12-12-2017, 08:19 PM   #6356
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Hi Alex, Thanks for the previous answer ! Any chance to see a new Kylo Ren PF coming with the new Star Wars movie ?
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Old 12-13-2017, 10:32 AM   #6357
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Hi Alex. I see that you offer some items from Blitzway. I really want to know if you will be offering the new Astronaut statue from them that was just released for order this week.

Edit: You guys are offering it. Thank you. Ordered!
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Old 12-14-2017, 08:54 AM   #6358
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Now that Disney officially has the rights back for the X-men will the restrictions on certain characters now be lifted ?
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Originally Posted by majestic1 View Post
Now that Disney officially has the rights back for the X-men will the restrictions on certain characters now be lifted ?
Won't be official for atleast 18 months due to legal/investigation. Sources say...
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Originally Posted by majestic1 View Post
Now that Disney officially has the rights back for the X-men will the restrictions on certain characters now be lifted ?
Originally Posted by savage.CAP View Post
Won't be official for atleast 18 months due to legal/investigation. Sources say...
Plus, Disney has always had their own odd agenda. They outright own Star Wars, yet Sideshow is still barred from releasing a lot of characters. I doubt X-Men and Fantastic Four will be treated any differently.
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