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The Dark Knight
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I have a soft spot for Inhumans and i grab an Inhuman book, time to time. Inhumanity 5/10

It was a fine read until the end... This interesting event mostly really new reader friendly, all event was like a catalog of Marvel Universe characters... They intruduced Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Girl, a Teenage mutant X-Men team (HA HA !) which i was not femiliar with.. Ant-Man, Daredevil, She Hulk, Jesica Johns, Luke Cage, Superior Spider-Man. Marvel was like, do you like to read about anyone of them ? grab their book then buddy ! but most of the event, the well known Inhumans and The Royal Family were no where to be seen... HA HA !

The Plot was Thanos Attacked Attilan to kill his Inhuman son and to prevent this, Black Bolt destroyed Attilan, The Flying City crashed in to The Hudson River and totally got destroyed. When did Attilan start to fly was beyond me though... The Terrigen Mist in the Attilan got spread to The Earth's Atmosphere... Anyone on the Earth whoever had Inhuman ancestory contacted with The Terigen Mist got in to Terrigenensis transformation and turned in to Inhumans or still in cacoon stage and changing. I think, it depends on how strong your Inhuman blood was... (but no real explanation realy, they left it to your imagination, it seemed... HA HA !) There were evil terrorist organisation that stole these Inhuman Cacoons for experimentation, or to just kill them. Some people and organisations were after advenced Attilan Technology and some newly hatched Inhumans were really in danger or confused, scared and needed guidance and help so super heroes started to act to protect the cacoons and new inhumans around The America and prevent advenced and dangerous Attilan technology to get in to The Wrong Hands. I was fine with these, it was a fine read until the end....

Suddenly, a multiverse thread started to accure in the end... Worlds from other dimentions started to crash each other, either both of the Worlds got destroyed or one of them survived in the end as Reed Richards (FF) from Iluminiti decribed it to Iluminati. Reed built a machine called Gate and with that all of Iluminati could be able to watch this multivese disaster crisis accure to worlds one by one... And They saw some monstorous people with weird golden halmets kill some marvel heroes from another world and destory the world... WTF !!! HA HA !!! what happened to Inhumans ??? Terrigenesis, cacoons all over the world... Terrigen Mist in The Atmosphere, destruction of Attilan Inhuman City ??? these were all gone and now, it was all about multiverse getting destroyed... What a bull----, What the hell it has to do with anything in this event to that point... Everything totally got out of railes in the end ?!?!? i was like what just happened ??? It turned in to some kind of DC Crisis which had nothing to do with Inhumans all of a sudden ?!?!?! what a nonesense...
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