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Originally Posted by T-Rex View Post
I don?t know any other brands that produce LOTR 1/6 then I can not compare. But different brands build large runs for other properties (Goku, Joker, Marcel, DC etc).

Just to keep it clear. I?m not trying to change nobodies mind, I?m just trying to express my opinion about Weta and the reasons why I think them. And turning back to this post, for me is quite simple, I don?t trust QC from Weta since in my opinion production pieces are not close to concept ones. That is my trusted experience with the brand and different series from them. And for sure, I ve got very low expectations regarding any improvements os those wings seams... let see what happened after all. At least and at first sight, a dragon can?t go cross-eyed (as Galadriel classic series...)
You lost any credibility in your opinion as soon as you tried to compare the hot Marvel/DC license edition sizes to LOTR. Even P1 and Sideshow never sell anywhere near those big edition sizes.
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I don’t understand exactly why have I lost my credit? As I mentioned, I think there is nothing I can compare with since there weren’t many manufacturers from LOTR.

But if you want, ok, I am not right regarding “big runs risk assumption”. But it couldn’t be said that I lost my credit regarding the quality issues experienced by myself with figures purchased with my money from Weta.

Refusing that Weta has not lost quality when comparing concept pieces to production pieces is just a matter negacionism.

And please believe me when I say that I am a proud owner of a big collection from Weta / Weta Sideshow pieces.

And here I am only talking about pieces quality. If we talked about customer service my experience is a big decrease in customer experience...
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Did anyone get this one? I like the inclusion of the Erebor dwarf statue
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Originally Posted by Colossus12 View Post
Did anyone get this one? I like the inclusion of the Erebor dwarf statue
Nope, as a rule I never buy weta without inhand photos of shipped product, it served me well. For example, latest Gandalf and Ringwraith were great so bought, but Galadriel had issues with her eye stickers so avoided. Waiting on Aragorn in hand.

This piece rings even more true than the 1/6s due to the high price, seam, and many places it can go wrong due to the aggressive sculpt -way too many risks, and weta is a major pain in the ass to return compared to sideshow. Also the amount of real estate required to display him. if it sells out, it sells out shrug. Usually for something at this price range they are still available on third party stores for a long while after weta sells out.

If I have to choose i would still go for the older version, much smaller vertical foot print, no seams, known paint quality / sculpt. And I personally like him much better sitting in his gold pile. Can be had easily for $1000 still, great piece. Sadly just didn?t fit with my 1/6 lotr collection, I am ocd and it just bothers me the dragon is out of scale, ended up selling it. (yeah I know how big 1/6 smaug is )
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I've got him ordered. We'll see what happens. Ordered through bbts, who incidentally just charged me for Saruman on the throne. He should look cool next to my Thranduil on throne as well!
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Mister H
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I would love to own one but too afraid of possible mistakes like others. I will be ordering the Helm’s Deep dio though.
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Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
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That Helm's Deep looks killer
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