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The Spirit
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Originally Posted by Dundee View Post
I would if I could but misses won't allow it (was lucky enough to 'get away' with the pred). Also real estate constraint, this is the biggest killer of them all.
Damn bro I feel for you my mrs bought my predator for me ahaha
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Originally Posted by Hutch0o View Post
Damn bro I feel for you my mrs bought my predator for me ahaha
That's lit, very nice of her. My misses says the pred just looks to real, organic and ugly af, gives her the creeps. I can't even put on the unmask portrait when she's home lol. She said why can't it look more metallic, like the terminator

If prime 1 release a 1/3 alien bust, I'll be sneaking in a buy without her knowing
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Originally Posted by qz33 View Post
In my experience disassembly is way more dangerous. Takes a lot of force to overcome the inertia to remove pieces with super strong magnets or tight pins/slots.
When I inevitably have to move this sucker, I'm leaving the legs inserted into the base. Those two pieces will be custom packed with all the bubble wrap in the world. The rest of the statue should be fairly manageable using the original boxes.

Originally Posted by Hutch0o View Post
Get the new one with the simple base? I honestly wanted a base like that from day 1, I know people love wall but this new version has only 1 box instead of 2, cheaper retail price, simple base that doesn't wash out big chap, revised bust stand design so it doesn't topple over, revised shipping/packaging to reduce breaks (apparently) and possible improvements to the Alien production itself according Prime 1
Is this confirmed? Might put me over the edge. I really loved the sculpt of the original, was just too big for my space at the time and I couldn't get over the wall.
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