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The 2011 Avinash Hegde Interview!

New Interview time!!

Stepping up to the plate is Avinash Hegde!!!

Shameless Plug?

1. First name? Avinash Hegde
2. Location?
3. Age 33
4. Martial\Family status? Very Happily Married
5. Pets? No pets , I like animals free in the wild
6. Nickname? “Rocky “given to me by friends in college

7. Could you give a brief outline of how you got to where you are in your career? Well I always was dreaming to be doing some work related to comics and superheros ,I was drawing them all the time in my school books :P ,Eventually I fell in love with computers and started working in outsourcing studios doing game cinematics and game art , this I did for 12 years , then one fine day I saw a amazing article about rapid prototyping (3d printing ) of digital models and I was blown away by the tech ,so I started doing research about it and did a few tests of my personal 3d models with some 3d printing companies ,after a few bad prints (don want to name the company ,but some know) I finally found the result I wanted ,and then I found Statueforum, posted few of my works here which was noticed by some kind people which eventually led to few private commissions and a Break from Bowen Designs and now here I am
8. Primary field?
Digital Sculpting
9. Who have you done work for in the industry?
Bowen Designs, Hasbro,HCG,Kotobukiya,Sentient Toys ,Amercican college of cardiology,Nike,Triforce ,Designworks

10. Favorite property?
Marvel and DC , I am also developing a liking for mythological and few designs i am working on concepted by independent creators( will be revealed soon)
11. Do you read comics?
Yes! Currently I am reading Tintin
12. Favorite comic?
Darkknight returns by frank miller, Superman -peace on earth ,Batman Hush
13. Character?
14. Favorite comic related movie?
Batman (89)Batman Returns and Superman (chris Reeves)

15. Favorite sculptor who isnt you?
Lol I dont consider myself favourite at all! But I am in total awe with the works of Tim Bruckner(Amazing dynamic anatomy), Randy Bowen(Captures true essence of Marvel characters) , Mark Newman(Genius), Andy Bergholtz(never seen such clean work!) ,Pablo Viggiano(immensely talented),Ray Villafane(my god his sand sculpts blow my mind!),Erick Sosa(His personal creature sculpts are a inspiration!) Jordu Schell (no words to describe his work…) I am also really admiring the work of Bobby C these days.
16. What got you into sculpting?
A workstation Laptop gifted to me by my Lovely Wife who is the biggest motivating factor in my life, I had to do some thing with it and Zbrush…I love that software ! also the exposure to 3d printing really inspired me and ofcourse all those amazing comic collectibles

17. What was your big break?
Well after working for 4 months nonstop on my personal portfolio of superhero sculpts , I showed it to Mr Dan “Danno” Cope to get his feedback and also my very helpful Talented friend Claudio ,they both suggested me to send it To Sir Randy Bowen , a few days later I got a mail from Bowen Designs and my first ever professional digital sculpting project was given to me by The legend Randy Bowen ,It was the IronMan extremis statue , this was a big day in my life, Dream come true.. I can never thank the above people enough for the opportunity and the support , I also would like to thank some key people in my life
Jorge(Sentient Toys) ,DesModa, Nexus ,Samhain(liam) ,SNIKT,Richard,Mark(HCG),Erick Sosa ,Kurt(Alkusyl) and all the amazing members and Mods of Statue forum who have always supported my work and given me a platform to showcase it .

18. Favorite sculpt of your own?
Not sculpted yet …but I am happy with all my private commission stuff they are fun!
19. Favorite sculpt by someone else?
Green Lantern Vs Sinestro by Tim Bruckner , Silver surfer(museum chrome) by Randy Bowen, Premium format Hulk By Andy Bergholtz , Doctor Doom premium format by Pablo Viggiano

20. Any sculpting horror stories?
Fortunately none related to sculpting , all my Clients and Projects are Awesome!!! They give me a lot of support and make it easy for me
But I have had a long list of other horror stories in my adventure filled life , we will get to that some time else

21. What tools did you use to make you a better sculptor?
Well I browse comic art a lot! Collect sketch books by comic artists ,collect statues done by amazing sculptors whom I admire …they teach me all the time and help me to get better.
I also have a very cool anatomy reference model (I strongly recommend it ) made by Anatomy tools is the web link to the product
Strength training by frederic delavier- get this book ! its amazing

22. Who do you most admire in the industry?
I Admire all those who professionally work for this industry and make a living out of it ,with time I have realised its not at all easy to work professionally ,I salute all those who work ethically and deliver what the client /art director /company wants even if its against their creative opinions . Also I admire the amazing fans and supporters who invest their hard earned money and time into this Hobby , I also have tremendous Respect for the creators of Statueforum who have given a platform for so many people to show their work.
23. Is there anyone out there you wish you could sculpt like?
Whenever I see a totally awesome statue I feel I wish I could sculpt like that! This has happens to me when I see works of Tim Bruckner ,Randy Bowen ,Andy Bergholtz and many others! There is so much Talent around!

24. Do you have\had a mentor?
I have lots of them! Some of them even don’t know I am a student of theirs! Well I consider myself very lucky to get guidance from Dan Cope ,one of the kindest and most helpful and talented people I have known , Randy Bowen I mean he took me to school and I learnt so much about the industry and anatomy of a comic collectible, a phone call with him is like boost of motivation! Frequent visits to Tim bruckner’s web site I consider schooling too.

25. Do you listen to music\watch tv while working?
I like some sound around me , growing up in a city full of noise , I need it . we like to have a playlist of movies running while I work .
26. Whats your favorite scale to work in?
In Digital scale does not matter much when I am sculpting , but I like 1/6 and 1/5
27. Dream job?
I think I am already having a job I dreamt of
28. Dream character to sculpt?
I have a few personal projects which I want to do in my lifetime , one of them is nearing completion ,will reveal soon , of course all of them are based on superheros

29. What are you working on now?
I am juggling several projects at once … A marvel Villan , A Dc Hero , a children’s toy and few amazing private commissions ….very very busy
30. Other hobbies?
Fitness! This was my first love before Sculpting … I love martial arts! I am also very interested in electronics
31. Favorite movie?
Rocky, Enter the dragon, Shawshank Redemption, The Green mile , FirstBlood, Pumping Iron, T2 lots more
32. Favorite album\artist?
Not much of a music guy … I like sound tracks from some movies
33. Favorite book?
Tao of jeet kun do by bruce lee (yes I am a huge fan of of bruce lee’s philosophy)
34. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In a safe and secured place with lots of beautiful environment around with my family , with lots work to keep me busy and provide all what my family needs
35. Have you ever travelled?
My life is filled with travels … i have been traveling jumping from place to place since 17 years now , India,Singapore,Bangkok ,Hong kong ,Malaysia,Germany ,Spain … I am wanted in several of these countries :P ..just kidding
36. Favorite place to holiday?
Any where safe with my wife .., we both love to travel
37. What country would you love to visit?
China , Eygpt and japan
38. Any hints on what you're working on currently?
Marvel VS Capcom! And few cool private commissions
Click here for My CAF Gallery!!
Click here for My Collection Thread!!
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Updated 06/13/12
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Mr. Kennedy
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Great interview! Avinash is a great guy
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thanks!!! matty really appreciate it!!!

Thanks a lot to the mods and members of statue forum for all the amazing support and making a huge impact on my career!!!
Available for commission work
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The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.
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Awesome interview!! You have excellent character my friend and you will be extremely successful in everything you do.. Only wish more people in this world could be like you.. thank you and I'm always looking forward to seeing your next work!!!
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Originally Posted by AYsculpture View Post
thanks!!! matty really appreciate it!!!

Thanks a lot to the mods and members of statue forum for all the amazing support and making a huge impact on my career!!!
Click here for My CAF Gallery!!
Click here for My Collection Thread!!
Regular Updates!
Updated 06/13/12
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You are a great inspiration for us !!
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