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NFT art is what it is. Personally i don't quiet understand the concept.
Thinking out it. Some people like to look at a real outdoors location for real. Some people like to look at pictures of the real outdoors. For some this can be a photo. For others it might be a drawing. Others prefer paintings. Some want to own the original. Others make do with a duplicate (a copy). I guess where NFT fits in, is it offers a digital representation. NFT's as far as i am aware can be numbered, meaning you can own an original NFT. If you think about it, owning an original NFT amounts to nothing more than being physiological - being the one to own the one. Being digital, i assume a copy amounts to being identical. Which raises the question, for those that decide to own an original NFT. Is it about the art, or the ownership, or a bit of both?
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Artie Lange
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Originally Posted by Philintheblank View Post
It's a hype train for investment purposes.
(and money laundering)
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Originally Posted by generalzodlives View Post
I don't get this at all. People are buying pictures of toys? What is this fascination with buying things that don't have a physical presence? Why is there even a market for this?
yeah this is stupid. when i first heard about it i thought they were selling digital print files for the diy printing crowd. but selling pictures for a digital collection seems pretty lame, just save some pictures off the internet
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