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The Dark Knight
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Blame! is The Master Piece manga of Mangaka Tsutomu Nihei.

Let me tell you something first, i couldn't survive in the Blame! world like 15 minutes... They invented incredible things, it was a Cyberpunk manga but they couldn't invent railings for some reason. There were these mega structures of an endless city which was made out of parts called stratas and there wasn't one single railing at the side of the stairs or bridges in anywhere... HA HA ! i would definetly fall... HA HA !

Kidding asside it was an incredible manga... Mangaka prefered to tell the story mostly by art, there wasn't much dialogue so it was a very fast read. The action was very well executed, the amount of it was so perfect. I couln't guess if the manga would end good or bad right away... That was the feeling a quality indy book would give to you. Just amazing. The main character Kyrii was in the search of a something called Net Terminal Gene, the persons who had the Net Terminal Gene could axcess to the netsphere and put everything back to normal. The whole city of mega structure of stratas was in chaos and only the human with Net Terminal Gene could put a stop to this. There were beings called Silicon Life (they were kind of like cyborgs) who thrived on this chaos so they didn't want anyone to find the human with Net Terminal Gene, so they were killing all the humans that they could find... And There were safeguards, probably a security mechanism went wrong which was killing all the humans without Net Terminal Gene as well... Kyrii and later on an ally Cibo fought against them to protect the humans while they were searching for the Human or Humans with the Net Terminal Gene.

It was uncertain that how long Kyrii was on a quest to find the human with The Net Terminal Gene. He was very determant, iron willed, strong silent type. My favorite type of character. They never complain and don't think anything other then the job or quest at hand. Kyrii's journey was kind of melencolic one because of the empty vast space he dwelled in... He was so little and lonely in the vast spaces and surrounded by gigantic structures... And in the end he was alone... still trying to achive the quest... :/ that was so sad... :/ don't get me wrong, it was a well done end but a bit confusing. I also liked that many things left unclear, i'm glad that we don't have encyclopedic information about everything in the end. I prefer this mystery on many things about the world of Blame!, the story is more paralel with the real life in an interesting way like this.

The art was raw and sketchy. It was suiting about a world which had many unknown things about.
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